Monday, March 30, 2009

OLD POSTS: la lang minsan masarap balikan ang nakaraan

unlike my sister..there were no rose to keep me petals to make me feel good whenever i look at it..all i have is myself..wallowing in pain..sitting in darkness.. i wanna lat you go..i can..i know..but within hours that i've decided..i always turn back and beg you to take me has always been like that..

i am so sick of all that you're saying that i just wanna trun away and leave..yet miles from you i cannot breath..the love that i have for you is the very thing that's killing me..

the woman i am to the woman i hated the most..i became the worst me ever since you came into my i blaming you? no,,all that i am to you is because of all the stupid decisions i mado for you..did you ever apprciated it all..all i ever got are words that scars even my innermost soul..

i have loved you so much..but you have loved me so're idea of love is never what i dreamed about..i have been loved many times..i hurt lots of them..but they never resorted this low just to get even with me..

maybe this is my own personal private hell..this is where i put myself..i hope from this day forth..the wounds you've inflicted..the scars you've caused..will forever be erased from my mind..memories,,moments .. i hope i can also forget "YOU"

agony of it ALL

we had it all set..had it all ironed out,,then this woman came from nowhere and started blurting out things,,at first i was confused,,hurt and utterly disappointed..

i got mad and hurled back hurtfull words that would compensate to the pain i felt,,i lashed it all to him..

humbly and meekly he asked for a second chance ,, a chance to prove that time and time again,,its me whom he will choose..

and no matter what those fleet of wannabees will forever be just toys..

i am so mad,,right there and then i ended up everything between us,,

with a heavy heart ..i know this would all come to an end.

but then he came,,all the way from lingayen where he also worked.tired,,in pain and so worried about me.he barge in like someone who's life depended on me.. hugged me and kissed me..

i knew he chose me..

never again will i listen to someone else's voice cause at the end of the day it all depends on the love and trust we have for each other..

he never gave me up..why should i??

nakakaiyak naman DAW??!

nakakatuwang isipin bumaba n nga ang pamasahe e ganun pa din ang singil ng mga linsiyak na drayber na yan..di naman sa nilalahat ko pero talagng nakakapanginig ng laman ang mga garapal na drayber sa langsangan..
pilit kang pauupuin sa espasyong batang sanggol lang ata ang kasya tz tatadtarin ka pa ng singil..
nak ng pating..panu nga ba aasenso ang pilipinas kung mismong mga pilipino ang nanlalamang s kapwa nila pilipino??
taz nagagalit tau kung may pintas stin ang ibang lahi??haler??!!kelan pa naging kapuri puri ang mga ganitong klaseng asal..
mismong pilipinas itatakwil ka sa ginagawa mo! sa konting bagay lang tulad ng pagsingil sa pamasahe nakikita na kung anung klaseng "gubat" ang pilipinas at kung anung klaseng mga "hayop" ang nasa pilipinas..
nagrereklamo tau sa kahirapan ng buhay gayong tayo mismu ang gmgwa ng maling sistema ng bansang tinatawag nating atin..PILIPINAS,,GUMISING KA!