Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the man i thought you were...

you were sweet,,you were funny you were witty..that night i thanked my lucky stars that they paved a way for us to talked..the hot breeze of summer turned into the cold whisperings of the dawn yet we continued talking..unaware of time..unaware of everything else..
you were always there.
then one day something changed..
you became aloof,indiffirent and always full of excuses
i have never been hurt too much..
i tried to fix it..always reminding u of how i feel..but that very core im trying to reach seemed to shut me away forever..
i knew,,i felt yet i continued loving you..
i noticed and i cried.that was all that i can do
i dont feel anything anymore except this big hole inside my heart..
im tired..but my heart continues beating only for you
i gave up but my mind is still wating for that second chance..
i felt the tears sting my eyes once again yet they wouldn't fall
even my tears seems to be tired of falling..
ive waited for you..yet u never felt my presence..
i have love you with a love beyond telling,,missed with a grief beyond all tears..

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