Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lashed out:

i have never felt this happy,,never felt this complete..this feeling is so right..i knew..i felt..
i couldnt ask for more..
but life simply isnt about hapiness,,when it gives you something that will make you happy it surely will give you something equally depressing..
just by single action.
just by a series of words
all came tumbling down
you didnt do anything wrong but the people around me tried to comfort me with your words but it only added frustrations on me..
what could have happenned?have i done something wrong??
i am getting tired of all these.
im trying to be strong for you but i cant even be strong for my self..
i love you
and i want to make it all right..
but ther's so many hindrances
i am sorry
i am so ashamed of you
i hope that you will always understand
cause for now i myself will never understand this..
i only want to be happy..
with you..for you..