Monday, May 4, 2009

once upon a LOVE


i have witnessed a tremendous love story in this blog..a story of two people who crossed the line just to show the love they have for each other.from the unique way of meeting to the unforgettable getaways..either with their fellow barkadas or just the two of them..
i've been inspired..ive been awed by the acceptance and the magic of what love can make us believe in..
yet suddenly i saw that romance shattered right before my very own eyes.. how can it be? how can this possibly be?that two people in love can just drop it all and leave it just like that..
i am feeling their pain..anger and disappointment..coz like them i have high hopes for that relationship..
i learned how to hold on when things are getting tough..learned to accept the unacceptable... learned to close my eyes to avoid seeing the imperfections.. learned to bend my will to meet that of my love one.. and most importantly learned to love but not overbearing it..
i am not meddling in your affairs guys..but think of the possibility of a second chance..
think of your what if's and could have been's..
its better to let go when you know you've given your best shot just to make it work..than to let go because you easily gave up on each other..
i have learned to love beacuse of's time to remember the love that you have for each other than forever dwell in pain just because you've hurt one another..
once upon a love..i hope it will end up well..