Thursday, April 23, 2009

i.e. roses on my window pane

i look back,,that uneasy feeling came back ten fold.. i was with you..we're shouting and screaming at each other .you we're saying words i can barely take..we were together for so long yet as i look at you i see a stranger..a monster right before my very own eyes
you hurt me with the deepest pain one could inflict on me and worst you wounded me and left me with scars that will always remind me of the mistake i've committed:loving you..
i woke still haunted by that day i was suppose to enjoy..i ended up being brutally harrassed by you..those scornful eyes,,that wicked laugh..i can still feel your arms on my body as you try to hurt me with your fist..
oh what a way to be treated..even at this point i feel hatred just by thinking of those moments..
yet,,even with those scars i can finally say "who's the loser?"
you're still on that state where you haven't move on yet..and here i am enjoying the fredom you've denied me of for so long..
being in the arms of a MAN not a BOY..
being protected and love by someone who's mature enough to handle respect and just love me..
i found that person who's sacrificing all that he is,,just to complete the me that you've shattered
but you,,you're still that sour loser that you are..
unhappy,,not contented and still reeling over your loss..
you lost me..PERMANENTLY!
and this time there's no coming back
i might say thank you for all those pains,,i learned to let you go and just stopped loving you
i pity you..
i'll be at your funeral