Monday, April 13, 2009

stillness of the night =)

after an all-night-long argument i decided to continue on with the planned vacation on there house..not because i wanted to see him but because i cant say no to his family..after all this was planned 2weeks before holy week so it's kinda embarassing to back out at the last minute..
told him im doing this for his family,,he said it sokay so long as i'll go there..and he'd show me how repentant he was for the mistake he committed..disillussioned, i didnt comment on that..

april 9,2009
early in the morning he's already texting me if im already on my way to Lingayen,,but im still in La Union..went to Mangaldan and fetched me in my place..he is actually repentant..the look in his face and the way he holds me shows just how much..yet im still unconvinced..while travelling i decided to just put it at rest and just enjoy the moment with his family.. we arrived there before lunch and his nephew did this exhibitions to impress me..not only was i impressed i fell in love with the kid and because of him i forgot the animoisty im feeling towards his Kuya Raymund..

ienjoyed my four day stay there including watching sinakulo,,the bakbak as what they call it,,and just those moments where i just eat,,eat and talk with his family evem
n when he's not my last day i get to meet all of his relatives in his mother's side of the family in Mapandan..ii enjoyed every moment of it..

but what i enjoy the most??its the moments we spent together..just the two of us.. at night when all the excitement has died down and its time to hit the sack we just lay there..hugging and talking and laughing even playing..hehe
those we're the moments i know our bond has become tighter and stronger ..

i know i love him and he loves me..come hell and high water.. =)